VIP breakfast (Bohinj breakfast for two)...



Three different types of breakfast:

  • Meat Bohinj breakfast for two (Bohinj dried meat - prosciutto, smoked sausage, smoked lard, Bohinj cheese, Bohinj smoked Chesse, yoghurt, jam, butter, seasonal fruit, chocolate mignon, fruit drink, bread)
  • Vegetarian Bohinj breakfast for two (smoked Bohinj Cheese, goat cottage Cheese spread, dried fruit, fresh season vegetables, honey, jam, butter, fruits, fruit drink, yoghurt, bread, chocolate mignon ) 
  • Fish Bohinj breakfast for two (smoked trout, trout spread, smoked Bohinj Cheese, horseradish with sour creme, honey, jam, butter, fruit, chocolate mignon, fruit drink, yoghurt, bread)


  • Breakfast can be booked via SMS until 17:00.

  • It is delivered at 8:00 to the entrance hall.

  • Prices: - 30 EUR (two person).

  • The glass packaging to be cleaned and returned to the entrance hall !! 



   ... Bon Appetit.



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